Distributed control systems DCS


Distributed control systems (DCS)


GTS provides a complete DCS system that meets your needs.
GTS has a wide experience in DCS systems
engineering process & reverse engineering process starting from FEED documents ending with Project execution and startup.


GTS Implementation Strategy

1- Produce new I/O Database

  • Collect & study the Existing Loop Drawings, P&IDs and C&I
  • Document Verification by Client
  • Document Validation by Client
  • Client Approval
2- Implement new Graphics (HMI)

  • Verify the Marked up copies of Existing Graphics
  • Verify Marked up P&IDS
  • Verify Specifications Referenced
  • Issue complete master copy for graphic drawing
  • Approval the HMI DDS by Client
3- Reverse Engineering (option)

  • Extract from the existing system the functionality
  • Create generic DDS
  • Validation with Client
4- Implement the typical Loops

  • Collect the approved database and verify with the P&ID and the functionality
  • Prepare the database
  • Issue the DDS for software typical loops
  • Issue the DDS for Non-typical loops
  • Validate the DDS with client
5- Carry out internal test

  • Prepare the internal test schedule
  • Test must done according to last revision of DDS/Graphic/project
  • All internal test document must have “INTERNAL TEST”
  • Register any comment in internal test tracker by end of each day
6- Carry out the PRE-FAT & FAT

  • Prepare the PRE-FAT & FAT document
  • Verify with client according the schedule
  • Clear the punch items if found