• Wonderware “SCADA”

    The world’s leading supplier of industrial automation and information software Wonderware is a business unit of Invensys – a multi-billion-dollar UK based global automation, control and process solutions corporation.

    Founded in 1987, Wonderware fundamentally changed application development for manufacturers by being the pioneer in the use of the Microsoft Windows operating system. Today, Wonderware’s powerful yet easy-to-use software solutions leverage the industry standards-based ArchestrA software architecture for integrating systems and applications from virtually any other vendor. Headquartered in Lake Forest, California, Wonderware is staffed with over 500 global employees in sales, service and development offices throughout North America, Europe, the Asia-Pacific and Latin America. Wonderware provides sales, customer support, training and applications consulting through a global network of 160 authorized Wonderware Distributor offices. Wonderware customers also benefit from the industry’s broadest global system integration network of over 3,500 independent system integrator (SI) companies.
    Industry Solutions:
    Wonderware software solutions are proven in Over 100,000 plants and facilities around the world rely on Wonderware software and cover a broad spectrum of business-critical applications across manufacturing and industrial enterprises. These integrated software solutions are categorized into these customer-oriented offerings: Supervisory HMI, SCADA, and Production & Performance Management.


    SEMAPHORE is a part of CSE-Global, a leading systems integrator with an international presence spanning the Americas, Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The group employs over 1,200 people worldwide, with more than 85% representing design, engineering, and project management capabilities and experience. That makes CSE one of the largest independent system providers of its kind.

    SEMAPHORE offers the first IP-based RTU solutions that enable complete integration of SCADA, control, and communications functionality in one rugged package. Our simple, yet powerful products leverage easy-to-use web technologies and inexpensive public networks. They are easy to configure and offer dramatically reduced costs versus traditional SCADA/ PLC systems.

    SEMAPHORE systems provide fast implementation and start-up, minimal training and engineering costs, plus easy integration with a vast range of third-party devices. It’s the product of choice for those desiring flexible, proven standard or Internet-based technology with minimal project delays and risk.

    Semaphore products have been delivering leading edge, yet highly cost-effective telemetry solutions in a broad range of industries for almost 20 years. Our strength in designing modular innovative solutions with unparalleled IT and communications capabilities attracts a growing portfolio of clients in the energy, chemical/petrochemical, utilities, broadcast, and transport sectors, as well as a myriad of niche applications in industrial and commercial applications. SEMAPHORE Industry Solutions:

    SEMAPHORE products are designed to monitor and manage the telemetry and control requirements of a broad range of industrial and commercial applications. T-BOX and Kingfisher products have provided solutions for over 40,000 installations to the most exacting performance and environmental standards. Our global R&D team remains at the forefront of industrial and IP technologies, constantly refining and delivering products to solve the monitoring and control challenges of the future.

    SEMAPHORE products are used in a variety of applications that include water treatment plant control and monitoring, pipeline emergency shut-off and flow monitoring, rail signaling integrity monitoring, broadcast equipment emergency alarm management, and asset management of remote cell phone towers or street lighting systems. The flexibility of both Kingfisher and T-BOX products allows customers to design solutions specific to their requirements from an off-the-shelf solution.

    Where extensive data reporting and flexible communications are paramount the T-BOX product line stands alone for its ability to remotely monitor systems cost effectively, utilizing powerful IP-based push technology and intelligent alarming.

  • Schneider – Electric “PLC, SCADA”

    Schneider Electric has unique positions to provide you with innovative integrated solutions making energy safer, more reliable, more efficient and more productive.

    Combining leading edge new businesses- building automation and security, installation systems and control, power monitoring and control, critical power and cooling services- to our historical strengths of power and control, we provide you with comprehensive unique answers for residential, building, energy and infrastructure and data and networks markets.

    Schneider has developed a unique worldwide capability to provide these solutions and transform the way people power & control their environment.

    Our solutions help customers reduce costs, stay connected at all times and tap into an ultra pure, secure and uninterrupted power supply.

    GTS is an authorized system integrator for Schneider Electric in the area of automation, located in Cairo -Egypt.

    GTS not only provides complete automation solutions based on the well-recognized Schneider Electric automation equipment but also engineering services, spare parts related to PLCs (programmable logic controllers), SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition).

    GTS has the Capabilities and the Technical Know-How to tackle major projects in the areas of Oil and Gas, Chemicals and petrochemicals, water and wastewater treatment, Food and beverage industries, Metal industries.

  • Time Electronics “calibration, test, and measurement equipment”

    Established in 1967 Time Electronics Ltd is an international company that designs and manufactures calibration, test, and measurement equipment. It has a comprehensive line of test instruments for a global customer base. Products range from decade boxes and handheld calibrators, to multifunction and custom-made calibration benches.Time Electronics has delivered accuracy and precision in the field of calibration for over 40 years. During this time we have built strong business relationships and a wealth of engineering experience.

    Quality is an integral part of the company philosophy. This has given it a valuable reputation with organizations worldwide and is one reason for continued success in the trading market. Time Electronics is accredited to ISO 9001:2000.

    Portable test instruments, including sources, potentiometers, and handheld calibrators for use with voltage, current, resistance, temperature, pressure, and more.
    Decade Boxes for resistance, inductance, and capacitance.
    Multifunction Calibrators for calibration of both new and traditional equipment.
    Process Industry Calibrators for temperature, pressure, and loop signals.
    Programmable Instruments which can be controlled via GPIB, RS232, and USB.
    Calibration Software to automate test and calibration procedures.
    Calibration Benches that can be fitted with a number of options covering many calibrating needs.
    Also available are a large number of accessories for calibration and measurement instruments.